UI/UX Design - Publix's BOGO Rush

Project Overview

Client: Diamond Media Group, Publix’s
Project URL: N/A
Platform: Android and iPhone
Release Date: 11-07-2014
Skill Focus: Web design, UI/UX, Gameplay Design, 2D Animations, User Account, CRM, In App Purchases
Tools Used: Unity, Illustrator, Photoshop, C#, 

This game system is based on a simple item catching system. This base game can be added to any product or industry. Using this game your users can get exclusive deals and shop items, while playing this fun and entertaining game.

Summary Of Contributions

This product was created by a 2 person team including myself. I was responsible for; client communication, design, GUI, and some front end development. I worked on this product from start to finish. This included early concept to post production problems. I was involved in every step of the way. I also had a large hand in developing the phone game mechanic ideas such as; using the accelerometer, user information gathering, creating the points and reward system plus a few other game functions such as power ups and rebuffs. My largest role was creating and managing all visual aspects of this system.
Game Promo:
Get exclusive deals and shop items, while playing this fun and entertaining game! Catch all the groceries before they fall to the floor and are lost forever. Use power ups and special items to make catching groceries easy.

The Design Difference

The full process of creating a new product from start to finish is a long one. Taking many steps and stages with a lot of bug fixing along the way, but as a professional I always follow best practices. When working on new or already existing products. You can see from the steps below all the parts of this project I was involved with.

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  • See more detail about my development process, with case studies.
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Warning: text. Lots of it.

Advanced Project Breakdown:

Common Project Hurdles

Wikipedia page

A key requirement in the Publix BOGO Rush game was needing in app purchases to link to coupons. I worked closely with the client to understand how the discounts where given out and relayed that information to the other developer.

Listed below are more challenges we needed to overcome while working on this project:

  • Changing the dropped items to the monthly sales item.
  • Using power ups and depuffs that reflexed the company image.
  • Adding the correct and proper branding to the store and other items in game.
  • Providing additional training and guides to help using the new CRM system.
  • Creating a email template and layout to distribute coupons and other discounts.
  • Shop item dollar amounts needed to be scaled to the currently monthly discounts.
  • Custom fonts needed to be used that did not fit the device formatting.

Some of the base game GUI and other content areas where reused from the first build. However most of the colors, sprites and other elements needed to be edited and where later used for the new monthly sales.

Custom CRM System

This is a customized backend created for the clients use. This systems XU/UI layout was designed and created by myself. One additional developer handed many of the back-end functions and configuration to connect the system to the Publix BOGO Rush game.

Game and GUI Showcase

Resource page

For this project the client needed a look and feel that fit there company. The original product was developed and designed for cars sales. So we needed to use the same game functions, but with a different style and their own unique game objects. You can see some of the relevant research in the link above.

My Design Choices

I took as many opportunities as possible edit the game visually, from the Log to the updated store background. I also created additional edits to the old tutorial information seen below.

BOGO Rush logo