Game Development - TapSmith (Personal Project)


Project Overview

Client: Personal Project
Project URL: N/A
Platform: Android, iPhone
Release Date: 06-07-2020
Skill Focus: UI/UX, Gameplay Design, 2D Animations, Mockup, Wireframes
Tools Used: Unity, Illustrator, Photoshop, 

TapSmith is a simple tapping game for designed for mobile devices. This game will include a leveling systems and other common tap game mechanics.

Summary Of Contributions

I have and will continue to design the GUI and game art this will include; backgrounds, character animations, weapons, resources and menus. For this system I have been using a playmaker to handle a lot of the event based mechanics. I will be working with one other developer to handle many of the more complex programming needs.

The Design Difference

The full process of creating a new product from start to finish is a long one. Taking many steps and stages with a lot of bug fixing along the way, but as a professional I always follow best practices. When working on new or already existing products. You can see from the steps below all the parts of this project I was involved with.