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My Name is Daniel Castillo and I'm a

My passion for the gaming community drives me to continually challenge myself to try new ways of art and design. Being self-motivated also brings to the table my ability to work independently or become an asset to any team environment. I know my enjoyment of continuous self-improvement will be a great benefit to any company looking to stay on the cutting edge of video game development.

  • 09.15.1989
  • 30
  • Graphic and Web Design AA, Bachelors in Multimedia Design
  • Art Institute of Tampa, Rasmussen College, YouTube, Google,
  • Game Design, New Tech, Reading, LARP, Costuming and of course Gaming,

My areas of Expertise


With my Skills and Experience, I am able to offer a wide range of Abilities and Talent to any client or employer.

I am a driven junior developer that is always looking for new ways to improve myself and any project I am working on. I can promise that I will be one of your most dedicated contributors to any process.
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If you know anything about development, you know how important Repos are!

My work history in Years

My experience can only grow with every challenge.
With this experience and time I have had many opportunities to work with great companies and teams.
I look forward to being a part of your team soon.

Company: Data Tech
– One of Tampa’s leading managed IT service providers.

Role: Backup Engineer
– System configuration of severs for backup and restoration.
– Supported servers include: DC, SQL, Host, VOIP, APP, POS, IIS, Web, 
– Maintenance, management and upgrades for listed systems. 
– Data flow diagrams, charts and overview tracking.

Company: Access 48
– Access48 is an ecommerce platform offering ADA signs in 48 hours.

Role: Product Designer 
– Development ideas and designs.
– Product creation and alterations.
– Product shipment and quality control.


Company: Grimm Studios
– Grimm Studios, LLC is a premier developer and creator of entertainment products

Role: Lead Designer 
– Art and design; production, direction, and vision.
– Pipeline management and alteration.
– Art and animation assist creation.
– Web and marketing design and creation.     


Company: Support.com
– Support.com is a leading provider of cloud-based software and services for technology support

Role: Remote Service Technician 
– Troubleshooting and fixing digital and technical problems. 
– Management of workflow and data changes. 
– Support and assistants of client devices.   

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From what I have learned you should always be growing as a designer. This means creating new content and being involved with the community.

This is my development journey, but I would love for you to be included and able to look back with me.

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I am always looking for more connection and possible new projects. I would love to hear from you about any new opportunities you may have for me.